The Obarter X7 Electric Mountain Scooter: Power, Speed, and Durability Combined

If you’re in search of a fast and furious scooter, take a look at Obarter X7. Boasting incredible speeds and an impressive range, this beast of a scooter will leave an impressionful impression in no time!

The X7 features dual motors, and boasts an impressively large battery. In addition, there is an ingenious display built right into its handlebar stem for user ease of use.


The X7 was built for thrill-seekers. Boasting impressive speeds and range capabilities, this off-road monster boasts its ability to handle rough terrains at incredible speeds – an essential feature in its arsenal for thrilling riders.

This electric scooter boasts dual motors capable of reaching peak power of 8000W, as well as an imposing deck and large 14-inch off-road tires – as per manufacturer specifications, this powerful machine can reach speeds of 56 MPH!

An extended range of up to 125 miles is achieved thanks to a high-performance removable battery in the X7, while its intelligent cooling system keeps controller and battery cool, providing safety and long-term service life. Furthermore, an intuitive digital display shows real-time stats and other information. Furthermore, its full suspension system features hydraulic fork with 57 mm travel in front and dual shocks each capable of 50 mm travel at the rear – not forgetting 14-inch pneumatic tires capable of taking on steep slopes as well.


The Obarter X7 is an impressive machine on wheels, intended to fulfill every thrill-seeker’s dreams of speed and range. Able to tackle even the roughest terrains with ease, its insane speeds provide unparalleled excitement on every journey.

The X7 features dual 4000W brushless motors and a high-performance battery for long distance travel without needing to recharge. Plus it comes equipped with smart folding mechanism and all necessary gear to give you performance, adventure, and fun in equal measure!

The X7 can easily climb slopes of 55% while cruising effortlessly through urban streets. Equipped with a full suspension system to absorb bumps and provide more confidence while off-road riding, its front hydraulic fork has 57mm of travel while rear shocks have 50 mm – both making transport easy on public transportation or in car trunks – its intuitive digital display keeps track of speed, distance traveled and other details for optimal outdoor living. It makes the perfect addition to any lifestyle!


Obarter’s X7 scooter is truly breathtaking. Built to navigate rough terrain while reaching incredible speeds, this rider-pleasing machine is sure to turn heads. Equipped with dual motors capable of reaching 56mph (90kph) top speed and powered by a high performance 3600Wh removable battery pack for powering this beast is said to offer 124.2 miles per charge; additional cooling systems protect both controller and battery for improved safety and extended lifespan.

The X7 boasts an intuitive digital display that lets riders track their speed, battery life and distance in real time. Plus, its three rider modes help conserve power and maximize range while its foldable design makes it simple and seamless to transport for everyday commuting or weekend adventures – even on public transit or your car! Order one today to experience the future of personal transportation!


The Obarter X7 electric scooter was designed for thrill-seekers looking for something different to make their commute more exciting. Boasting astounding speeds and a long range, this vehicle can conquer challenging terrain with ease.

The electric scooter features two 8000W motors capable of reaching 56 MPH speeds. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a high-performance battery and advanced suspension system to maximize its performance.

Furthermore, this bike features an intelligent BMS and electric lock for additional safety, plus an LCD display which displays riders’ stats and performance data.

With its smart folding mechanism, this electric scooter makes for convenient transport – ideal for public transportation or even your car! Additionally, its lightweight and compact size make it simple to fit into your daily life – an excellent way to experience off-roading without breaking the bank!

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