A Closer Look at the Features and Performance of the OBARTER X5 Extreme Electric Scooter

The OBARTER X5 sports electric scooter stands out as one of the top products on the market, boasting two 2800W brushless motors capable of reaching 85km/h and 13 inch off-road tires that provide shock absorption for added safety.

Foldable electric scooters make traveling convenient; simply store it in your trunk or on the train! Furthermore, their wide 13-inch tires allow it to easily traverse bumpy roads or other rough surfaces.


OBARTER X5 Extreme Electric Scooter is a high-performance folding scooter designed to meet both daily commuter needs and adventure enthusiast adventures. Equipped with powerful 2800W brushless motors, high capacity battery capacity and 13 inch off road tires. Furthermore, its sleek modern design and convenient folding mechanism makes this an excellent solution for people with limited storage space.

This electric scooter boasts a powerful 2800W dual brushless motor with three dashing speeds and supports loads up to 120kg. Its 60V 30Ah battery offers 65-75km range on one charge; plus its IP54 waterproof construction makes it suitable for wet environments as well.

The OBARTER X5 Folding Electric Sport Scooter is ideal for commuters who wish to cut journey times short. Crafted of durable aluminum alloy, its robust frame has 13-inch off-road tires with firm grip on various road surfaces for increased control. Other impressive features include its 2800W motor and high capacity battery as well as wide spacious stepping board for comfortable boarding as well as mechanical and electrical anti-lock brake system that can climb 55 degrees and carry 150 kg with no problem! A great alternative to public transit!


The OBARTER X5 electric scooter is one of the most powerful on the market. Equipped with dual 2800W motors and three dashing modes, and an oil disc brake system to make off-road use safer. Crafted of iron and aluminum for durability and wear resistance; featuring 13″ off-road tires equipped with wear resistance as well as front and rear shock absorbers to smooth its transition over bumpy terrain – all add up to an unforgettable ride experience!

It comes equipped with a 30-Ah battery that charges in just 6-7 hours, three different speed gears, intelligent BMS and anti-lock braking system for optimal safety and maximum stability. Plus it features wide 13-inch off-road tires designed with deeper lines to maximize their gripping capability on roads or trails.

The OBARTER X5 can cover 120 km on a full charge and climb 55 degree hills with ease, supporting 150kg adults comfortably and safely to your destination quickly and safely. Bangood offers it at an extremely reasonable price point.

The powerful 2800W brushless motor in the X5 offers three dashing speeds and a top speed of 85KM/h, as well as its massive capacity 60V 30Ah battery that can support loads up to 120 kg. Furthermore, this model boasts an onboard display showing speed, dashing speeds and battery life status; plus IP54 waterproof protection makes for smooth operation in wet conditions.


OBARTER scooters are designed for safe and simple operation, making them a fantastic choice for beginner or older riders alike. Their powerful electric motor is suitable for all terrain, while their rear suspension guarantees a smooth ride. Plus, there’s the added protection provided by both mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking systems, plus one step folding mechanisms to maximize portability.

This electric bicycle is an ideal solution for commuters looking to avoid traffic and arrive looking refreshed and ready to start the day ahead. Capable of traveling up to 46 miles per hour, its 13*5.0-6.5″ air-filled tires can carry loads up to 265 lbs while its battery can support 74 miles of travel distance and come complete with an intelligent BMS, electric lock, lights, suspension, and suspension systems – this bicycle makes a perfect solution!

The OBARTER X5 scooter is one of the sportiest and fastest on the market, equipped with an advanced 2800W dual brushless motor, three dashing modes, an oil disc brake system and 13 off-road tires for off-road sports activities. Furthermore, its 60V 30Ah battery offers 65-75 km range as well as IP54 waterproof certification.


The OBARTER X5 stands out amongst sports electric scooters as one of the premier products on the market, thanks to its powerful 2800W dual brushless motor with three dashing modes and oil disc brake system. Furthermore, its shock-absorbent iron and aluminum body is suitable for off-road use while 13 off-road tires provide superior gripping capability.

The X5 comes equipped with a large battery that provides up to 75-mile range and features a 30Ah capacity that’s incredibly durable, supporting loads up to 120 kg. Furthermore, its waterproof design enables operation even under humid conditions.

The OBARTER X5 electric scooter is a high-quality, sturdy model available directly from European stock at an unbeatably competitive price and unrivaled performance. Available at ObarterStore.com

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