Can the OBARTER X1 Handle Heavy Riders Or Cargo Like a Mountain Goat?

Reverse commutes faster with the new OBARTER X1 electric scooter for heavy riders! This sturdy electric scooter easily scales our 200-ft hill test using one 800W motor – so make errands faster or commute faster today with this reliable ride.

It features 10″ off-road tires, three dashing modes and an oil disc braking system to increase safety.

Weight Capacity

OBARTER X1 is an adult motorized scooter designed to make running errands around town easy and efficient. Equipped with a high-capacity 48V/21AH lithium battery and upgraded 800W motor, the e-scooter can reach top speeds of 30 MPH, offering easy positioning as you ride along its spacious stepping board.

With its high-performance brushless motor and 10″ off-road tires providing maximum comfort when traveling over rough roads and bumpy terrain, this electric scooter can climb 35% of gentle hills. Furthermore, its mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking systems ensure safety and security.

With its sleek and modern design, this folding scooter is an ideal way to save both time and money in urban commutes. Equipped with an LCD screen that displays driving speed and battery power levels as well as a headlight at its front to ensure safe use at night, this lightweight e-scooter makes travel much simpler.

Speed Capacity

The OBARTER X1 electric scooter is an exceptional foldable scooter designed to help you complete daily tasks more effortlessly. Equipped with an upgrade 800W motor that propels it at 30 MPH top speed, and with its large LCD display providing clear battery levels views making tracking progress easy!

With its superior Li-ion battery, this scooter can be quickly and effortlessly charged, while its 10″ air-filled tires offer maximum comfort and performance over rough roads and bumpy terrains.

This electric scooter features a brake softener and disc braking system to ensure maximum safety on the road. Furthermore, its aluminum alloy frame is sturdy and durable for longer distance riding – you can even carry loads up to 120 kg without issue! With its top speed of 30 MPH you’ll arrive at your destination quickly.

Braking Capacity

OBARTER X1 electric scooter features 13 off-road tires designed for safety on different road conditions, complete with shock-absorbing properties that absorb shockwaves while remaining shock absorbent, as well as double disc brakes to make riding safe and enjoyable. Furthermore, this scooter includes headlamps at both its entrance and taillights to make visibility easier on highways.

This powerful scooter can reach 45km/h, and its battery can be charged to 21 Ah for optimal performance on rough terrains. Equipped with dual motors for superior power delivery.

The OBARTER X1 features an onboard display which shows off driving speed and battery power, along with a mechanical sound mark to notify when charging or switching off occurs. Ideal for saving both time and energy during daily commutes; avoid rush hour traffic easily to arrive at destination on schedule!

Battery Capacity

OBARTER X1 portable folding electric scooter features an 800-W motor for optimal performance, reaching 30 miles per hour at maximum speed. Furthermore, its LCD display clearly shows battery levels while providing a user-friendly interface making operation simple for anyone.

OBARTER X1’s powerful motor allows it to climb gentle hills and cover up to 50km on one charge, thanks to its durable 10″ off-road tires which offer exceptional grip over rougher terrains and double disc brakes for safety during driving.

Customize your ride with the OBARTER X1’s three distinct speed modes and LED headlight. A built-in display on the steering wheel also indicates your driving speed and power level of battery; plus there’s even an emergency button if anything unexpected arises!

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